Monday, April 22, 2013

Ancestry Magazine feat. Brincka-Cross

Brincka-Cross House is a private residence that opened its doors to the public in April 2010. Located in Michigan City, Indiana, the property was left to Porter County by Bill Brincka, a professor at the Art Institute of Chicago, and Basil Cross, an antique and silver buyer. In 1961, the duo started their artistic gardening, which favored an Asian theme that pays homage to Japanese gardens. Of the 25 acres, nearly five acres is garden landscape, and the rest consists of woods. Programming at Brincka-Cross is open to all throughout Northwest Indiana. 

Although still cold at the time of shooting, the house enshrined a sense of serenity, especially with the interior design that gathered inspiration from Japanese principles- anchored by simplicity, the incorporation of natural materials such as cork, stone and other re-purposed wood provides a soothing east-meets-west Feng-Shui. The attached greenhouse is the highlight of the house. As the days get warmer, one can imagine the foliage and gardens surrounding the house blooming in its Veridian grandeur.


  1. wow, this place looks so serene. Love your photos!

    1. Since the Indiana parks were in off-season, it was literally just me and the crew. Rather cold that day, but very calming. Almost eerie. And thank you as always! I'm starting to get out there taking photos for our collab! Talk soon.