Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hello Spring - Chicago, IL

It's been a while, friends. The weather is divine today - we can finally feel the days warming up and that's something I'm delighted about.

Just to update, I recently moved to a new place in Bridgeport and am finally beginning to feel settled in. My initial reaction to this new "south side" experience is something I've begun to temper with. It's not easy when the rest of Chicago often prescribes a bad rap the south side of the city.

Yet from my exploration of the neighborhood, talking with local folk and experiencing Bridgeport's (or 'BP" or "BPort" as I like to refer to it as) culinary and artistic offerings, I see that people are just as diverse and "normal" as the rest of the city perceives themselves. If not more colorful and interesting in my eyes. With Chinatown a Red Line stop away, I find that the meshing of Irish, Chinese, and Hispanic cultures to be very refreshing.

Look out for some Bridgeport vignettes of my first few weeks here as I hope to share them with you soon.

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