Monday, April 29, 2013

VAMP x Boneyard x Holga

With the success of our 3rd annual Boneyard Arts Festival earlier this month, I have little to add other than to express just how honored I am to be part of an ever growing family in VAMP. Below is a video taken by a fan at the exhibit:

Since our founding in 2009, VAMP's group of artists, students, and experimenters have produced so much good work in the community and has remained an active agent in a DIY culture. Through our diligent work ethic and belief that magic in art can exist beyond machines, VAMP continues to forge on and make our mark in Champaign-Urbana. Year to year and semester to semester, we are continually blessed to have  many different perspectives from students and members that dare to lead us in new directions. I can only see things getting bigger and bolder through time. For those that want an inside peek as to what we're about, please view the video beautifully filmed and soundtracked by our own Lucy Lu and Patrick Boland. 

An even bigger anouncement: 

VAMP is proud to partner with Holga International to produce an exhibit in the Illini Union Rooms B and C taking place today (4/29) from 10 til 5. Featuring a traveling international body of work from Holga, CU's VAMP will be alongside them in a beautifully curated joint exhibit. Stop by and get your visual fix.

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