Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Different Sleep

Deep in the prolonged winter of Chicago, I had the pleasure of photographing Different Sleep, a Chicago-based music producer that's been making some major waves. The San Diego transplant has made a name for himself with his signature molasses-slow, heady music style. Prone to combining sultry RnB samples with stripped-down bass elements,  his work is most apt for warming up a night or for a hazy 3AM rendezvous in a dimming club. Different Sleep is a recent Friends Of Friends signee, joining labelmates Jerome LOL, Salva, Groundislava, Shlomo, Daedelus, and more.

FoF, spotlighted at one point as "Label of the Month" by RA, will be using the photographs to supplement the release of Different Sleep's newest EP, titled Conflict, due out April 22nd.



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 Keep an eye on this space for more to come.

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