Friday, October 11, 2013

Sonny Apollo

Late September, I had the pleasure of working with a Chicago transplant via New York. Joshua, a Columbia College alum, makes music under the moniker known as Sonny Apollo. Always challenging boundaries, Joshua's manifestation is a performer that channels light and positivity. Sonny Apollo calls upon influences beyond conventional, corporeal understanding. These are his words:

"I found it hard to restrict myself to anything. I got the chance to be inspired, make money, and live life because I let go of the pretensions. I started living more fluidly and in tune."

Joshua considers his upcoming record release a revival not just in terms of genres or musicality, but also a revival of love of life and love of expression. "It's about being a rebel again. Each song is representative of that: an aural excursion blending reality and fantasy into one." 

Strongly believing in the collaborative nature of artists, Joshua holds his supporters and session musicians dear to heart and means to never forget his origins. "I'm still the same guy from the East Coast. I just play with more fire now and eat less honey buns."

"I invite you to join me..."

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