Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chicago XX Sessions - Rupa

Thank you to the wonderful women responding to the XX Open Call. The work will be submitted for a chance to be in an online and print magazine. Collaborating together with so many genuine people has been a heartwarming experience for me. Here's to the stories that deserve being told...

Rupa is a 21-year-old student with an ardor for music, skylines, baking, and Japanese culture. Much of her time is spent scouring the internet for new music and men’s fashion blogs for her to base her own personal style. She is also a Lord of the Rings enthusiast, oft heard quoting the trilogy.

Although she has lived her entire life in Chicago suburbia, Rupa's goal is to travel at least once a year. In the near future she hopes to live in Vancouver, B.C. to pursue a career in music and then spend a portion of her life in Tokyo. She aims to build a bridge between underground music in East Asia and artists in the US and Canada to create a cross-cultural  dialogue. In her free time she writes on her music blog, jo’s musings.

Willing to make mistakes and enjoy life’s challenges wherever she may find herself, Rupa strives to build a life on her greatest loves - music, Japan, and baking. 

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