Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chicago XY Sessions - Jason

I'm very grateful for the response to my recent open call requesting Chicago men to collaborate together for a chance to be in a magazine publication. Outside of the publication, I wanted to understand their side in this endless hustle as a Chicago artist. More than anything, I found this experience to be nothing short of heartwarming. There are many amazing artists around Chicago and out of the few I have been lucky to meet, these are their stories.

Jason Robinson aka J. ROB is a former Division I soccer player who put his dreams of playing professionally on hold to pursue a career as a hip-hop artist. Hoping to empower others to be themselves through music, clothing, and pop culture,  J. ROB hopes to make a major impact on people of different walks of life. With his debut project, The World Is My Playground, set to drop in late April, the 21-year old Columbia College student is preparing to take listeners on a journey into the mind of a young black man understanding who he is and where he belongs.


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