Friday, May 27, 2016

Adventures in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Part I) — Spring 2016

Sometimes life throws a curveball and the reality you've been so familiar with changes in an instant... I won't bore you with any sappy inspirational-quotes-on-a-poster shit. But yeah, it's all about carpe diem, friends. I found myself with some time—and decided to do something a little different with that time. Through the positive encouragement of friends and my girlfriend Amar, I embarked on a three week journey to Vietnam and Cambodia. It was the first time I've been abroad since a brief stint in Paris during my undergrad study abroad program—and definitely a hell of a while since I've been to Asia during my childhood trips to Taiwan.

From April 13th to May 7, I traveled through Southern Vietnam and Cambodia. After about an 18 hour flight, I'll never forget stepping out from the airport doors to meet Amar. The muggy night air, and the commotion of the taxi drivers yelling out somehow placed a smile on my face. The days that followed were even more exciting—the sound of the motorbikes and tuk tuks rushing by, the feeling of warm, balmy evenings getting lost in new places, the smell of street food in night markets, and just the vibrant colors of the city.

After sweating across two countries and going through seven rolls of 35mm film (P.S. Go to CSW Film Systems. Do it.), here is the first part of some my favorite photographs from the trip. I've also posted a few of my Nexus 5 phone pics on Instagram at @kevinjhsia. Enjoy!

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