Thursday, July 18, 2013

Antique Taco - Chicago, IL

Antique Taco, located near the six points in Wicker Park on Milwaukee Ave., is a contemporary Mexican restaurant that boasts some of the most delicious tacos I've enjoyed to date. Boasting a simple menu of some rather eclectic toppings and dishes, I was excited to order for the first time. While waiting in line, I admired the deft execution of the restaurant's "antique" namesake. 

Vintage accents highlighted by repurposed construction materials, rustic furniture and fixtures provided a casual atmosphere for its patrons. The owners, a husband and wife duo, clearly have carried over their love for antiquing and thrifting into their business. It's all about the details here. Even the music playlisted a lively mix of old school hits. I stepped up to the cashier and ordered: 

Market Mushroom Tacos 
Pumpkin Seeds, Guajillo Cream, Arugula, Radish 

Crispy Fish Tempura Tacos 
Sriracha Tartar Sauce, Smoked Cabbage, Chives, Sesame 

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Tacos  
Cucumber and JalapeƱo Pickle, Honey Yogurt, Purple Onion 

Horchata Milkshake 

Believe it, folks. Antique Taco indeed has the famed nepenthe of Mexican cuisine in a frothy and creamy milkshake form. Truly a divine treat for the recent spell of sweltering heat. I watched in delight as each plate arrived in fine fashion - a pair of well-garnished tacos each decorated a plate, accompanied with a slice of lime. This is one instance in life where judging first impressions works out. 

A concert of flavors worked together harmoniously as I tried each creation. The mushrooms were smoky and robust, the chicken was savory and paired well with the strings of purple onion and dusting of cheese. The fish filets were my personal favorites - cutlets of perfectly fried whitefish (halibut?) were complemented with a sweet and tangy tartar sauce. 

My date exclaimed, "This is the Anthropologie of tacos!" With the restaurant's vintage flair and artisan tacos, I must say this is a sensory experience I hope to revisit again and again.
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Tacos

Horchata Milkshake with Market Mushroom Tacos

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