Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ancestry Magazine feat. Heritage

The young collective known as Ancestry Magazine invited me to contribute work for their inaugural issue. Highlighting interior and architectural design, the magazine focuses on location aesthetics and challenges readers to question what makes a space special, as well as how objects can imbue meaning or feeling. Beyond surfaces, Ancestry is looking for a story between the human and the inhuman. 

Heritage Bicycles is a Chicago coffee store and bicycle shop. A perfect union of quaint details and rustic warmth, walking in feels like finding one of  Lakeview's hidden treasures. The big foyer windows at the entrance alights the store as the bare industrial bulbs throughout gives an inviting glow. Wooden elements and reappropriated materials are common motifs throughout - wood flooring, paneled walls and bench seating with burlap covers as well as adorable two-seat coffee tables wait patiently for patrons to come in from the snow. Various custom bikes are on display about the store and an open working space can be seen at the rear of the store. Adjacent to the back room hosts a bevy of apparel and accessories. Mind you, these aren't your regular sports duds but are for aficionados who enjoy riding in style. Enjoy a brew and maybe get a bike tune up while you're here.

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